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October 29th, 2014 | Comments Off on Hopeless

The Department of Education estimates that 1.2 million students are homeless.

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Let that sink in.

This is the highest figure in the history of the United States.  Of those 1.2 million, Sports Illustrated extrapolates that 100,000 of those students are student athletes.


“By age 12, 83% of homeless students have been exposed to at least one serious violent event”

“A 2011 study of homeless youth in Salt Lake City found that 84% had experienced physical and/or sexual abuse as minors”

“Homeless children go hungry twice as often as other children and are five times more likely suffer gastrointestinal problems”

“Only 51% of homeless high school students tested nationwide met or exceeded state proficiency standards in math [and only] 49% met or exceeded proficiency in reading [in 2012-13]”  ::Sports Illustrated, 2014::


If that does not motivate you to do something, stop reading.

High school and college athletics are a genuine passion of mine, but they are just games. For The Lead Block, it is really about the student athletes.

Mentoring, challenging, and paving the way for the homeless, hopeless, under performing, abused and hungry student athletes to leverage their gifts on and off the field to create a future they will want to live in.

We work with players whose fathers, uncles, and brothers are serving terms in prison. Players whose breakfast mentoring appointments will provide the only breakfast the player will eat all week. Players who, only until recently, had no aspirations of attending college.

We are making a difference.

One player at a time.

We are looking to add 5 more players in January of 2015.  And we are asking for you to join us and sponsor a player today.


Call (865-896-9666) or email ( us today and make a difference in the life of a student.

:: Sponsors receive monthly player updates, a Lead Block Nike Dri-fit shirt, and a chance for 2 sideline passes to the TSSAA Football State Championships ::





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Weekly Block – Big Finish

February 20th, 2012 | Comments Off on Weekly Block – Big Finish

The Weekly Block covers what matters in sports to me. And maybe you too.

1. Scott Stallings (Withdrew from the Northern Trust Open)

In an extremely short conversation with Stallings, he revealed that his recent injury is pesky and still affecting his play. Be patient, another big finish is lurking this year.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (18-14) (3rd in WC Southwest)

The Grizz have 4 narrow victories in a row and continue to impress with their ability to finish close games. The goal needs to be avoiding the 7 or 8 seed in the West.

3. Nashville Predators (34-19-6, 74pts) (3rd in WC-Central)

Nashville was only 5 seconds away from stealing another valuable point. The Boston and Detroit games reveal the Preds to be an elite team that just needs to finish.

4. Webb School Spartans (Boys Basketball) (18-14)

In district tourney play, the Spartans turned in one of the more heroic performances I have ever seen in high school athletics. Despite being a heavy underdog, Webb took the top-seeded Franklin Road Academy into double overtime in an away atmosphere.

And although the Spartans fell short on Friday, Coach Ricky Norris and his players deserve tremendous credit for providing the highlight of the tournament. Justin Jenkins and Burton Sampson each are game-changers with promising futures.

5. Oak Ridge Wildcats (Boys Basketball) (23-4)

The top-seeded Wildcats suffered a disappointing loss to Powell that ended Oak Ridge’s district campaign before it ever started. Simply put, Powell finished well.


A gameplan or a goal is only as good as its follow through. For this reason, The Lead Block encourages and challenges players to finish well. Find out how more HERE.

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