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October 7th, 2014 | Comments Off on Disappointing

University of Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp delivers a quote that reveals the ugly landscape in competitive collegiate sports.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.58.40 AM

Just two Saturdays ago, University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt delivered this wise observation following an exciting win over the University of Tennessee.

Well said, Coach.

Sadly, the battle of mutual respect between players appears lost with examples like this and this. The next front appears to be coaches, after this emotionally-powered blast from University of Florida head coach Will Muschamp on Saturday just moments after Florida defeated Tennessee 10-9 in Neyland Stadium.

First off, it is worth mentioning that Muschamp is on the coaching hot seat and this win could go a long way in helping him keep his job through the end of the season.

Also, sometimes it seems baiting by media and the fans that consume it, to ram a microphone in the face of a player or coach immediately following a mentally and emotionally taxing marathon of physical competition.

Finally, as consumers of competitive collegiate sports, it is important to be honest with ourselves. If we expect collegiate sports to be about character, education, teamwork, and the molding of young minds, then we need to begin behaving as though values matter more than recruiting classes, wins, and championships.

Coaches and athletic directors are paid by you and I (with our cable subscriptions, tickets, and sports apparel) to win games and championships. Everything else is a peripheral luxury that we blindly hope happens, while fearfully suspecting it is not.

We cannot have it both ways.
We must choose one over the other.
That is how values work.

Just ask University of Texas football fans about their season.

Does Coach Muschamp deserve a pass for his disrespectful and immature snipe?

Not at all, but maybe the blame for a man like Will Muschamp being given an opportunity to influence so many and be heard on national television does not reside in Gainesville, but somewhere a bit closer to home.

Encouraging coaches and players to give and earn respect is what The Lead Block is all about. To find out more about how you can become a part, click HERE.

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Titan Thursday – Week 13 Predictions

December 1st, 2011 | 1 comment

Every week, Titan Thursday will share predictions of each week’s NFL match-ups.

Overall Record: 113-61

Week 12 (Record: 14-2)

Shame of the Week: Green Bay Packers over the Detroit Lions
What a disappointment. Not only did Ndamukong Suh ruin this game with a single stomp, he could very well have ruined the rest of the Lions season. Aaron Rodgers is good. But, with that Green Bay defense he is going to need to be to keep winning.

Shoulda’ Known Better: Broncos over Chargers
On any given Sunday… ah, this is the only way this game could ever end.

Week 13

Tennessee Titans over the Buffalo Bills
Smart money is on the struggling Buffalo Bills who host a Titans team that has not put back-to-back wins together in two months. But, the Bills are giving up 120+ yards a game on the ground and have yet to see a back like Chris Johnson all season.

New Orleans Saints over the Detroit Lions
The Lions season is in jeopardy, as Detroit desperately needs this game to keep pace in a heated NFC Wildcard race. But, Drew Brees in the Superdome is potentially an even scarier proposition than Aaron Rodgers anywhere, right now.


Eagles over Seahawks
This far into a lost season, games come down to who has the more talented roster.

Patriots over Colts
Remember when this game was the perennial highlight of the NFL regular season?

Broncos over Vikings
At the risk of jinxing Tim Tebow, I cannot in good conscious pick the Vikes here.

Raiders over Dolphins
The AFC West is Oakland’s for the taking, but this game is pivotal for a playoff berth.

Jets over Redskins
The Battle of the Rexes should be entertaining, until Santonio Holmes takes over.

Falcons over Texans
The annual Texans slide begins this week, how far they slide is the only question.

Bears over Chiefs
The Chiefs do not have the firepower to battle even a depleted version of the Bears.

Steelers over Bengals
It is so easy to see the young Bengals stealing this game, but Pittsburgh finds a way.

Buccaneers over Panthers
Cam Newton is in for a long day. But, the Carolina run defense is in for a longer one.

Ravens over Browns
Any given week the Ravens are the class of the AFC, while the Browns, well… are not.

Packers over Giants
The trap-game meter is peaking for this game. Can Eli Manning steal one for A-Rod?

Cowboys over Cardinals
Beating the Cards is easy. Build an early lead and avoid kicking it anywhere near him.

49ers over Rams
A tale of two NFC West teams. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Chargers over Jaguars
Ugh. Just when you thought Monday Night Football could not get any worse…

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Titan Thursday – Week 12 Predictions

November 24th, 2011 | 1 comment

Every week, Titan Thursday will share predictions of each week’s NFL match-ups.

Overall Record: 99-59

Week 11 (Record: 10-4)

Shame of the Week: Denver Broncos over the New York Jets
This is the second week in a row Timmy made me pay for picking against him. And honestly, I could not be happier about it. There is little difference between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. The Broncos defense was better than the Jets on Thursday.

Pick ‘Em Again: Giants over Eagles
If the NFL played these games again this weekend, under the same conditions, I would pick the exact same way.  And I genuinely believe I would be right this time.

Shoulda’ Known Better: Seahawks over Rams
On any given Sunday… ah, this is the only way this game could ever end.

Week 12

Tennessee Titans over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Titans offensive line is depleted, the Bucs just turned in one of their more solid outings of the season, and LeGarrette Blount is relishing a chance against the team that cut him. Still, Tampa Bay is weak against the run which could be the difference.

Detroit Lions over the Green Bay Packers
The Packers are rolling and the Lions’ defense will present little resistance to Aaron Rodgers. But, I will not jump on the 16-0 bandwagon until after this game. Detroit circled this game weeks ago and it means far more to them than it does Green Bay.

Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers have plenty to prove to me against an elite team from the AFC, especially since 6 of their 9 wins came against teams with a losing record. Alex Smith must manage a better game than Joe Flacco, whoever wins that matchup wins the game.


Cowboys over Dolphins
The Fins slapped down 3 sinking opponents, unlike the Boys who are riding high.

Falcons over Vikings
No Adrian Peterson could actually make Ponder and the Vikes more dangerous.

Panthers over Colts
I cannot go back on a promise from a few weeks ago. I will not pick the Colts, again.

Texans over Jaguars
This game will reveal whether Houston can hold onto the AFC South without Schuab.

Cardinals over Rams
The Rams are a mess and the Cardinals are not much better. This game is a toss up.

Jets over Bills
Too much is at stake for Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan to drop this to the reeling Bills.

Bengals over Browns
Dalton and company need this game to keep pace in a heated AFC wildcard race.

Redskins over Seahawks
Throw out the Ravens win and the Seahawks are not as impressive as they look.

Raiders over Bears
A good rule of thumb is to go with the team whose QB is healthy and improving.

Patriots over Eagles
Vince Young never had much success against the Patriots defense in Tennessee.

Chargers over Broncos
At this point I just keep picking against Tim Tebow hoping it helps him win.

Steelers over Chiefs
If Tyler Palko thought the Patriots defense hit hard, he might want to call in sick.

Saints over Giants
These are the games the Giants typically win convincingly, just to confuse us all.

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Tough to Understand

October 24th, 2011 | 1 comment

[cue heavy sigh] Ndamukong Suh is one of a growing number of young players in professional sports that does not understand the true meaning of toughness.

On Sunday, Suh along with a Detroit Lion teammate, mocked injured Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan as he writhed on the ground after suffering an ankle injury.

This was not a display of toughness.


Toughness IS NOT

mindlessly breaking rules designed to increase player safety.

insulting your opponent, fool-hearty fans, or any NFL authority.

allowing your frustration or emotions get the best of you.

instigating a physical altercation to “motivate” your teammates or coaches.


For players like Suh and James Harrison toughness and respect are apparently earned through brutal or excessive penalties and chest thumping in interviews and on-field antics. In reality, demonstrating true toughness is far more challenging.


Toughness IS

finishing a game injured.

showing restraint following a late hit or opponent’s taunt.

believing in yourself and your team when no one else does.

finishing games that are lost causes.


Toughness is an inner-strength that is outwardly apparent.

Hopefully, this is just a phase for Suh, who is both a gifted and dominant young NFL defensive star that could set a great example of true toughness for years to come.

At The Lead Block, we encourage and expect toughness from our players and create opportunities for those players to use that toughness in pursuit of their destiny.

Be sure to check out the ABOUT page to find out more about how you can join a mentoring movement that changes the world.  One destiny at a time.

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Titan Thursday – Week 7 Predictions

October 20th, 2011 | 1 comment

Every week, Titan Thursday will share predictions of each week’s NFL match-ups.

Overall Record: 58-32

Week 6 (Record: 10-3)

Shame of the Week: Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the New Orleans Saints
If you told me an ugly leg injury would impact this game, I would have suspected Drew Bress or Josh Freeman as the victims. Sorry Bucs’ fans, but this game was an anomaly. Without Sean Payton’s horrible injury, this game goes the other way.

Pick ‘Em Again: Lions over 49ers
If the NFL played these games again this weekend, under the same conditions, I would pick the exact same way.  And I genuinely believe I would be right this time.

Shoulda’ Known Better: Giants over Bills
On any given Sunday… ah, this is the only way this game could ever end.

Week 7

Tennessee Titans over the Houston Texans
The Titans are clearly the better option at home coming off a bye week. But, which Titans team will show up? Will Chris Johnson finally have a breakaway run? Regardless of those answers, the Texans are still the same ‘ol Texans. Mediocre.

Atlanta Falcons over the Detroit Lions
This is another top notch NFC showdown, that hopefully will not be ruined by post-game shenanigans. The Lions will miss Jahvid Best and although the Falcons secondary is atrocious, the Lions will not be able to stop Michael Turner.

Broncos over Dolphins
Tim Tebow will do just enough to win this week at home. Er… away in his honor.

Buccaneers over Bears
The only team more frustrating to predict than the Bucs on Sundays? Da Bears.

Browns over Seahawks
Even with an extra week and a momentous win over the Giants, Colt gets it done.

Chargers over Jets
The only Bolts buddy I have said to pick the Jets. So, this is with little confidence.

Panthers over Redskins
Cam Newton steals the second win of his career against another reeling squad.

Steelers over Cardinals
The Cardinals and Steelers are inverse case studies of operating an NFL franchise.

Raiders over Chiefs
I am a believer (apparently one of the few) in Carson Palmer’s immediate impact.

Cowboys over Rams
The Cowboys will do their best to make this a close game, but still salvage a win.

Packers over Vikings
How great would it be if Christian Ponder stole a win? Highly unlikely, but still…

Saints over Colts
Fortunately, the Saints will test out their new play calling system against Indy.

Ravens over Jaguars
Monday Nightmare Football continues in another mismatch that demands flexing.

Byes: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers

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