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Caution: Severe Tennessee Titan, Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago Cubs, and Scott Stallings bias.

Best Red – No Love Lost

April 28th, 2015 | Comments Off on Best Red – No Love Lost

Short takes on relevant sports and character issues.

scuffleThe NBA playoffs are here and not disappointing, delivering highlights and some of the best basketball from most of the best teams. Unfortunately, in two of the more lopsided playoff series, physicality is getting out of hand.


1. No Love Lost

Thankfully the the Dallas Mavericks vs. Houston Rockets series only experienced small, chippy moments from its Game 4 – Boston vs. Cleveland, on the other hand, was completely out of control. One ejection, two technical fouls, two unnecessary and unwarranted injuries, and three games lost to suspension.

NBA officials on and off the court are not to blame. The lowered standards of coaches and players are the real culprit. When respect for each other and the game take a backseat to “competitiveness,” “pride,” and other sports lingo masking players and coaches’ poor sportsmanship in losing efforts, the results are as ridiculous as burning down a CVS.


2. Riot Mom

riot mom
The tragic story of Freddie Gray and the subsequent Baltimore riots created an unexpected and interesting twist on Monday, when a mother of a young, masked rioter publicly reprimanded her son in front of the entire nation.

Mentors, coaches, teachers, and community leaders can never take the place of an involved parent.  If you are a contributing member of society, call your mother or father today and thank them. If you are not, you better hope your mother does not find out and humiliate you on national television.


3. Respect and Authority

Suspect Dies Baltimore
The increasing public displays of disrespect for officials in sports is a prophetic warning for a culture moving in the same direction. Consider how the world’s diminishing respect for authority will culminate in more and larger displays of violence like Ferguson to Baltimore.

It starts with a parent at the ballpark screaming obscenities at a little league umpire or dressing down a teacher for grading too harshly at a parent-teacher conference.

It continues with professional athletes using homophobic slurs towards the commissioner of their league and a congressmen shouting disrespectfully at the office of the President of the United States.

We can choose respect for each other and the authorities placed over us – especially when they make mistakes. Only then will we be in any position to affect change over the true injustices that are happening all around us.


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Best Red – Believe

May 26th, 2013 | Comments Off on Best Red – Believe

Best Red shares the best sports articles or inspiring videos of the week.


1. The Block
Courtesy of CBS Sports and Roy Hibbert

Defense in any sport is a precious and sadly fleeting commodity. In the NBA, a growing fear of posterization has led many players to not take the risk this Pacer did.

2. People are Awesome
Courtesy of YouTube and Andreas Norholt

Visual proof that anything is possible.

3. High School Training Ground
Courtesy of TED and Malcolm London

“Young poet, educator and talented activist Malcolm London performs his stirring poem about life on the front lines of high school.” Words cannot describe his words.

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#100 – Manning vs. Tebow

March 14th, 2012 | Comments Off on #100 – Manning vs. Tebow

After ten months, The Lead Block mentoring movement is impacting the lives of players at the high school and college level with  6 athletic programs.

Here are the readers’ top picks from the 100 blog posts along the way.

10. More than a Handshake
The Lions and 49ers each had great seasons, but the most interesting occurrence for each team was this post-game exchange between their young head coaches.

9. Everything You Hate About Pro Athletes
Athletic stereotypes are difficult to overcome, especially for professional athletes. One of The Lead Block‘s goals is to help players overcome these misconceptions.

8. Sure Bet
Arian Foster (@ArianFoster) demonstrates good humor during the NFL Lockout, EA delivers a top-notch commercial, and Michael Jordan wins a golf bet with a fan.

7. Field of Dreams 2
Another Best Red in the Top 10 (should bring this back), complete with the most clutch golf shot I have ever seen, the human homerun, and the sports video of 2011.

6. Pursuit of Perfection
Nobody is perfect. However, one NFL quarterback achieved perfection in his career. Tom Brady’s career is a testimony to the rewards of a commitment to excellence.

5. Join The Lead Block
The Lead Block would not be possible without a community of supporters and partners. By the way, becoming a partner might be easier than you think.

4. Putter Slinging
Scott Stallings trot around the 18th hole at the Greenbrier Classic, leading to his putter fling in jubilation is one of the best live sports moments of 2011.

3. Lead Blocking
This updated and in-depth description of the personal mentoring offered by The Lead Block is the best page to share with friends and family who are interested.

2. Scott Stallings is a Champ
One of the best final round comebacks of 2011, Scott forever stamped his name on the Greenbrier Trophy. I am already looking forward to seeing him at The Masters.

1. The Thing About Tim Tebow
Tebow-mania may be so 2011, if John Elway and the Denver Broncos mange to land the biggest free agent signing in my lifetime. Only Peyton could unseat Tebow.


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Best Red – Tebow on Tebowing

November 4th, 2011 | 1 comment

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Make it… Snow?
Courtesy of Jeff Eisenberg and Yahoo! Sports

An honored and proud tradition of John Brown University is to cover the basketball court with toilet paper following the first home points of the season. See for yourself!

2. Grayed Out
Courtesy of Cameron Smith and

High school records are typically not that impressive. However, an Aledo RB named Jonathan Gray is currently averaging more than a point per carry. You read that right.

3. Tebow on Tebowing
Courtesy of MJD and Yahoo! Sports

This is Tebowing. This is Tim Tebow getting Tebowed.  And this is Tim Tebow responding with the class and humility that we all have come to expect from him.


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Best Red – In Search of Honor

October 14th, 2011 | Comments Off on Best Red – In Search of Honor

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Woman of Honor
Courtesy of Jonathan Wall and Yahoo! Sports

Ignoring the storm this story creates, Mina Johnson deserves a moment of honor for putting her team before herself, regardless the circumstances.  Well done, Mina!

2. Philly Fans Strike Again
Courtesy of Greg Wyshynski and Yahoo! Sports

Snowballs at Santa, cheering injured players, and now booing a cancer ad? Demonstrating humility and honoring your opponent never seemed so smart.

3. Meanest Player in the NFL
Courtesy of Chris Chase and Yahoo! Sports

These are just for fun, but Sports Illustrated seems extra proud of their results for dirtiest player and meanest player. Why not ask who is the most respected player?


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Best Red – Humility, Hustle, Heart

October 7th, 2011 | 2 comments

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Brian Wilson on Humility
Courtesy of Brian Wilson, Eric Freeman, NBA 2K12, and Yahoo! Sports

Finding athletes that do not take themselves too seriously is difficult sometimes. Thankfully, San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson makes up for the shortage.

2. A Squirrel on Hustle
Courtesy of Jeff Passan and Yahoo! Sports

In bizarre sports news, did you see this little guy? The squirrel showed some courage, not all small creatures have lived to tell of their home plate experience.

3. Eric Foster on Heart
Courtesy of Doug Farrar and Yahoo! Sports

Man, this is inspiring stuff. How many of us after breaking our leg on national television could muster up the inner-strength to encourage our teammates?


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Best Red – Bess Friends

September 30th, 2011 | Comments Off on Best Red – Bess Friends

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Facebook ‘Em, Dano
Courtesy of Cameron Smith,, and Brad Ervin

It is difficult to pinpoint what is the saddest part of this news story. The forfeited games, the parent condoned deception, or the way in which it was all discovered.

2. Bitter Sweetness
Courtesy of Chris Chase and Yahoo! Sports

Sometimes we forget that athletes are human beings. A new biography of Walter Payton will share some of the darker stories and themes in the life an NFL legend.

3. Bess Friends
Courtesy of Jason Cole and Yahoo! Sports

If you are not fan of Davone Bess (@davonebess), you should be NFL fan. Check out his story and give his website a visit to learn more about the Bess Route Foundation.


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Best Red – Higher Calling

September 23rd, 2011 | Comments Off on Best Red – Higher Calling

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. VY Impersonator
Courtesy of Doug Farrar

Even Vince Young’s identity is easily intercepted. Someone in the D.C. area is taking advantage of unsuspecting VY fans. Come on, haven’t  those fans suffered enough.

2. Most Overpaid NFL Players
Courtesy of Tom Van Riper and

Leave it to Forbes magazine to state an undeniable fact that some NFL experts are unable or unwilling to admit: “Mark Sanchez is overrated in every way measurable.

3. Higher Calling
Courtesy of Sean Jensen

Jason Wright is turning down a multi-million dollar NFL contract to pursue a higher calling in his life. This may not be a top headline in the NFL. But it should be.

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Best Red – Living on Purpose

September 16th, 2011 | Comments Off on Best Red – Living on Purpose

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Best Fans
Courtesy of Doug Farrar

The Charger faithful at Qualcomm demonstrated their humanity and class returning some lost money, after a server accidentally made it rain on two different sections.

2. Worst Picks
Courtesy of Drew Wells

Join me in a public experiment of humility, as I share my weekly predictions for NFL winners. After a rough start, I have plenty of work to get back to a respectabl record.

3. Living on Purpose
Courtesy of Matthew J. Darnell

Sadly, Chris McAlister is just another athlete unprepared to live a life after his sports career ended. Athletes do not need your sympathy. They need to discover a purpose.


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Best Red – Tough Call

September 9th, 2011 | Comments Off on Best Red – Tough Call

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Patriotic Kickoff
Courtesy of Chris Chase and Yahoo! Sports

As expected, the NFL (more specifically the fans in attendance for Thursday Night Football) prepared an game opening patriotic gesture. Well done, Packer nation.

2. Stirring Hockey Funeral Mass
Courtesy of Greg Wyshynski

This tragedy in the global hockey community is terrible. But, the support and gestures of humanity demonstrate how sports can help in the healing process.

3. Tough Call
Courtesy of Mike Silver and Yahoo! Sports

This is the story of then NFL-commissioner Paul Tagliabue and then NFLPA-director Gene Upshaw making the difficult decision to postpone NFL games following 9/11.


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