More than a Handshake

October 17th, 2011 | | 3 comments

The Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers are off to hot starts. Sadly, the two squads head coaches’ post-game handshake turned into an ugly scene on Sunday.

Three years ago, Jim Schwartz left an NFL best Tennessee Titan team (as defensive coordinator) to become a head coach for the Ford family in Detroit. A decision that seemed foolhardy, especially after two seasons with a combined 6-24 record.

But, 2011 is a totally different story. The Lions look like a legitimate NFC power and real threat to challenge the daunted division rival Green Bay Packers. Stafford, Johnson, and Best provide more than enough offense for Schwartz’s defense.

Schwartz is a good up-and-coming coach with a lot of unchecked passion.

This year is Jim Harbaugh’s rookie season as an NFL coach and to say he has overachieved would be an understatement. A frontrunner for NFL Coach of the Year, Harbaugh has cemented and ignited a 49er team everyone slept on.

But, Harbaugh has a history of his own for violating coaching decorum and until recently had a well-documented history with Pete Carroll. Ironically, now that Carroll and Harbaugh are reunited in the NFC West, the hard-feelings appear softened.

Harbaugh is simply a new NFL coach trying to earn respect from his peers.

Put these two emotionally charged teams and young coaches together for the best early season game of the year and enjoy, right? Unfortunately, a great conference showdown will be obscured by experts and columnists alike for this fracas.

And all because Harbaugh and Schwartz neglected humility in their handshake.

Just look at their resumes. Accomplishment and achievement through hard work and determination drip from each of their stories. They are more similar than different.

Humility does not require restraining emotion, rather valuing respect more.

Mr. Harbaugh, why not honor a coach like you that has worked hard with his players to become one of the best teams in the NFL for a city that desperately needs it?

Mr. Schwartz, why not humbly accept defeat and realize that your opponent is passionately celebrating this win because of his respect for the caliber of your team?

I believe the growing lack of humility in players at every level is directly proportional to the growing lack of mutual respect amongst coaches.

At The Lead Block, we strive to encourage and value humility from players, while supporting and promoting coaches that demand respect in themselves.

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