Best Red – Football is Back

August 19th, 2011 | | Comments Off on Best Red – Football is Back

Every Friday, Best Red will list the best sports articles (or videos) of the week.

1. Vick’s Pick
Courtesy of Doug Farrar and Yahoo! Sports

The route to Vick’s redemptive path was allegedly chosen for him with a little help from the NFL.  Regardless, this should not affect giving Vick the credit he deserves.

2. Madden-ness, I say
Courtesy of Matthew J. Darnell and Yahoo! Sports

As a part of Madden-Nation and a firm believer in the uncanny accuracy of this EA game to rate NFL players, the knee jerk overvaluing of Jamaal Charles is frustrating.

3. Football is Back
Courtesy of

In honor of football’s return, here are the Top 10 plays from the NFL preseason openers.  Jake Locker makes the list with his own version of the fumblerooski.


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