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July 11th, 2011 | | 4 comments

The Lead Block consists of a community of businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, educators, professional athletes and parents strategically aligned to pave the way for student athletes to score their destiny on and off the field.

As a non-profit organization, we could not exist without these committed partners.  The Lead Block community are the primary supporters and play a critical role in mentoring dozens of players from local high schools and universities.

If you are reading this blog, thanks! Thanks for your support through readership.

Here are a few other ways you can make a difference…


:: Sponsor Mentors ::

       TLB Fan – $25 / per month OR $1-$599 donation

       TLB Rookie – $50 / per month OR $600-$1199 donation

       TLB Teammate – $100 / per month OR $1200-$2999 donation

       TLB Coach – $250 / per month OR $3000-$5999 donation

       TLB Legend – $1000 / per month OR $6000 and beyond donation

:: Services ::

       Tutoring If you are an educator or have experience tutoring, you can educate.

       Career If you are passionate about your current profession, you can inspire.

       Secondary-Education If you work for a college or university, you can inform.

:: Resources ::

       Books If you can share books (non-fiction, biographies), you can enlighten.

       Office If you can provide essentials for the office, you can equip mentors.      

       Food If you can offer discounts, you can assist mentoring appointments.


You can make a difference through mentoring!

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