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Hustle – 10 Year Anniversary

May 7th, 2012 | Comments Off on Hustle – 10 Year Anniversary

In honor of the Allen Iverson rant 10 year anniversary…

Odds are someone, somewhere is working on becoming a better free-throw shooter, blocker, writer, painter, barber, teacher, analyst, husband, or mother.

Right this very instant.

And although some of these professions and callings do not have scheduled off-seasons, life provides down times that many will use to sharpen their skills.

But, how will we use those down times?

Whether it is the off-season, spring break, a night we cannot sleep, a Saturday afternoon, a long flight home, orĀ all summer, those down times are all around us.

Weight rooms, books, blogs, conferences, and workshops are as abundant as they are affordable. Agreed, some are better than others, but using our down time to level the playing field through information and technology has never been easier.

So, where is the new frontier of competitive advantage?

This last season with The Lead Block, I interviewed dozens of coaches, players, and entrepreneurs from all over the country and many shared how hard work, grinding, giving yourself a chance through effort was the difference for them or their team.

Not a new driver.

Not a new prototype.

Not even a new method.

Just hustle.

Much to the chagrin of Allen Iverson, the punchline to the old adage of how to get to Carnegie Hall is as true today as it was the first time it was told.

Practice, practice, practice. Or in other words…

Hustle, hustle, hustle.


The Lead Block challenges players and coaches to use hustle to their advantage, on and off the field. To find out more about how you can become a part, click HERE.


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