• In sports and in life we each have a destiny...

    des·ti·ny / noun / hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future

    Imagine a personalized mentoring movement designed to aid at-risk and at-large high school students develop their character and determine their own values, while discovering their destiny.

    The Lead Block is that movement. >>>

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  • Letter from the Founder

    After graduating high school, I was an eighteen-year old with no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So I did what most would do... went to college anyway and landed a part-time job, which after several promotions turned into a career.

    Ten years and two degrees later, as a director for one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, I experienced first-hand a growing trend amongst post graduates... a complete lack of preparation and purpose for life after high school.

    Sadly, this is all too common a problem for a rising generation of professionals, artists, and athletes. Brilliant and capable graduates complete high school with no plan or path to pursue their destiny. If only someone could help these students...

    That is why I founded The Lead Block.

    I discovered my destiny and hopefully can help many more discover their own.

    Drew Wells
    Founder of The Lead Block and Lead Mentor

  • The Lead Block offers personalized mentoring, secondary-education planning, and career discovery.

    Life Preparation
    Weekly mentoring appointments throughout the program
    Individualized Development Plan (Personal Playbook)
    Values Identification and Character Development

    Secondary-education Planning
    Aptitude/Achievement Testing and SAT/ACT Prepwork
    Prospective Campus Visits and Q&A with Current Students
    College Application, Scholarship Identification, and Reference Letters

    Career Discovery
    Prospective Career Visits and Q&A with Current Professionals
    Internship Identification and Placement
    Resume and Job Interview Preparation

    The Lead Block also offers character key-note lectures, character evaluations, and interactive team experiences for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

  • The Lead Board :: Board of Directors

    Dr. Jody Goins :: Special Assistant for Academic Affairs & Instructor of Education Lincoln Memorial University :: President of the Board

    Sandy Orta Wells :: COO :: Secretary of the Board

    Jonathan Caldwell :: CFO :: Treasurer of the Board

    Ricky Norris :: Dean of Students and Head Boys Basketball Coach
    Webb School of Knoxville ::

    Nathan Sweet :: Anderson County Director of Emergency Services ::

    Jordan Culp :: former City of Knoxville Police Officer ::

    Ben Davis :: Owner Breakout Knoxville Escape Games ::

  • Contact Us

    Drew Wells :: Founder and CEO :: Drew@TheLeadBlock.com

    Megan Piper :: Women Lead Mentor :: Megan@TheLeadBlock.com

    Jesse Johnson :: Men Lead Mentor :: Jesse@TheLeadBlock.com

    Phone :: 865-896-9666
    Twitter :: @LeadBlock
    Facebook :: The Lead Block  

  • Sponsors

    The Lead Block is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, mentoring program supported by community businesses, educators, coaches, and parents that have strategically aligned to pave the way for young students to discover their destiny.

    Each of the organizations and individuals listed below are valued sponsors that donate time, expertise, resources, and opportunities on a monthly or annual basis.

    The Lead Block could not exist without their continued commitment.

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  • Fan Level

    Andy Arndt :: Arshene Baigvand :: Jared Bailey :: Jimmy Bouchard :: Kevin Brown

    Jonathan & B.J. Caldwell :: Rob Carver :: Cody Cheatwood :: Robert Childs

    John Clayton :: Richard Coddler :: Freddy Cousino :: Gilbert Cruze :: David Dall

    Shawn & Amber Davis :: Stephen Fisher :: Timmy Fisher :: Nick Gallaher :: Tony Garner

    Andrew Jenkins :: Austin Keathley :: Michael Kiselaukas :: Austin Luke

    Des Mahoney Golf :: Adrian Martin :: John Moore :: Ron & Gloria Murff :: Theo Ogle

    Andrew Ostrick :: Zach Panter :: Penn Quinlan :: Josh Ridenour :: Zac Risden

    Elijah Rollson :: Dakota Slaven :: Nick Smith :: Matt Stevens :: Brad Stookberry

    William & Kelly Tantum :: Josh Traylor :: Matt Traylor :: Justin Tallent :: Tyler Trout

    Shane Vandergriff :: Shay Wells :: Shane Zook :: Tristan Zook

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    The Lead Block is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Listed below are the various levels of donation or sponsorship for the next school year:

    Fan Level :: up to $100 ::

    Rookie Level :: up to $500 ::

    Pro Level :: up to $1000 :: Sponsors one student for the duration of program

    All-Star Level :: up to $5000 :: Sponsors one school for the next school year

    Legend Level :: $5000 and beyond ::

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